Man's Hold

Man’s Hold started construction in the year 417. It was completed in 436 and had an incredibly large standing amount of defenders, mostly humans and dragonborn. The green dragon Thiulkrez had a standing agreement to defend the city in exchange for servants and commodities. The major export of Man’s Hold was steel, and the city had some of the world’s most renown smiths lived, worked, and traded there.

In 650 Rupen besieged the city after slaying Thiulkrez and her spawn. After a long seventeen months of starving the city out, Rupen stormed the walls and started razing the city.

In 652 Rupen began to rebuild Man’s Hold, this time declaring itself Emperor of Wisconia and claiming rulership over all. Its vanity soared as hundreds of Rupen figures and carvings were displayed in Rupen’s Hold. An army of gargoyles was under creation while Rupen began plotting its world conquest. During this time Rupen’s Hold became a major site for learning the beginning of magic, both arcane and divine, though the problem of wild magic was still confounding many.

When Belligar Rees and her Crusaders defeated Rupen, a large number of them sought to take control of the city and establish themselves as new rulers. The Crusaders that resigned after Belligar’s death were put to the sword by the greedy ones right inside the throne room. A mass melee occurred and only one person was left to take control of the city- Gerome Inge.

In 1643, when Kiureth Willow traveled on her warpath, she and her followers spent three full weeks disintegrating every living thing in Gerome’s Hold after the city and its citizens refused to worship her. She then razed the city and spent half a month burning the land so it was unrecognizable.

Man's Hold

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