Lord Protector Ellheem's Lesser Keep

The keep has an outer wall sixty feet high with one hundred feet of distance between the wall and the buildings.

Near a thousand years ago, Ellheem Silvano, a human envoy to the Plane of Air was granted twin keeps- one on the Plane of Air and one on the Material Plane. Ellheem chose a relatively unknown forest to stay in and had his mistress stay in the keep. As a gift to Ellheem, the Regent of the Upper Second Sphere of Air gave him scores of animated armors to patrol the keep, defend it, and clean it. Ellheem alone knew the command phrase to control and command the armors.

When Ellheem traveled to the Plane of Air one night, he didn’t return. His mistress, trapped in a lab, soon died from starvation and roamed the interior ground floor as a ghost. Bandits moved in, and one sorcerer tried to secretly concoct powerful alchemical experiments in one of the inner towers. Unfortunately, the experiments went awry, the sorcerer died, and oozes and undead started appearing from the cauldron.

There were a moderate amount of magical items in the keep: a flaming sword, several always-poisoned needles, an acidic dagger, a cursed amulet and several spell scrolls and potion bottles.

Lord Protector Ellheem's Lesser Keep

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