Grinsgate, City of Many

Grinsgate was founded in the middle of Summer in the year 103. A group of adventurers, using the nearby dwarven clan Silvertooth, created a small keep and living area inside a stone wall. The adventurers reached an agreement with the dwarves- they would live in the keep, keeping it well-stocked and watch over the land while the adventurers went to explore rumors of treasure westward towards the sea. When the adventurers didn’t return for two years, the Silvertooth clan added a large underground area to the keep and surrounding land, eventually coming to call it their new home.

The early use of Grinsgate was as a neutral area of trade between dwarves and halflings. When the Dwarven Extermination occurred in 4140 the dwarves from the (now large and financially well-kept) Silvertooth clan were killed or outcast from Grinsgate. At this point in time, Grinsgate had grown into a town and the boarders reached to wild forests and the base of nearby mountain ranges.

In 4186 the ranger Herrium Braid negotiated a truce between a group of ogres and the collective merchants of Grinsgate, creating the basis for what would become the Pact of Many. Essentially, the Pact of Many was an unspoken rule that no racial prejudice would be shown in Grinsgate and every being is subject to the same amount of law (within reason). As of 641 the Pact of Many includes dryads, bugbears, orcs, humans, gnolls, dwarves, halflings, elves, medusas, gorgans, minotaurs, beholders, nagas, goblins, rats, dragonspawn, changelings, merfolk, and many other races. The Pact has made Grinsgate and the immediate areas around it a safe haven for anyone who is afraid of being accosted in the wild. As such, adventurers in Grinsgate are usually deemed low social status and are often denied entry to public places unless a specific reputation precedes them.

Grinsgate is also home to political refugees, provided they are able to assist with the town in some way. Usually the price is heavy taxation, causing the individual in question to remain unseen in the public eye for a very long time, as is the case with Saheen Quir-Am.

The main gate is a large portcullis underneath a grinning human. The city exports and imports a vast amount of goods, and due to the Pact many illegal opportunities are available. The city is ruled by an enclave of merchants, collectively known as the Counters of Wealth.

Recently three large groups of criminal organizations fought for control over most of the middle-class economic areas in Grinsgate. These were a group of trolls named The Family, a large collection of harpies known as the Singing Sisters and a collection of criminals who reported to Mr. Wearer. After some years of skirmishes, The Family was hunted down with reckless abandon and all trolls in Grinsgate left due to extreme prejudice. Weapons were commonly found with acid and fire tipped on them and Wearer split up The Family’s old territory with the Singing Sisters.


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