Yulundu Turne

Average all around and a poor friend.


Toned build for an elf, average height. Wavy brown hair was kept in a ponytail and the elven lady always told people what the truth was, especially if it was harsh.


Turne’s acceptance to the Traveling Strangers came from demonstrating archery tactics and target practice to her handler. Upon meeting the group, Turne accurately predicted that it wouldn’t last very long. When met with disdain from the others concerning her pessimism, Turne explained that the group had been talking for nearly three hours about which job to take and hadn’t even figured out who the leader was.

Despite her concerns over whether the Strangers would survive an expedition into the unknown, Turne tried lending advice where it was needed. Due to her skill at navigating through forests the group managed to find a cottage, and eventually the keep.

Turne voiced her immediate distrust of Urna Wuslo when Urna and Sara Mills took to sneaking inside the upper-floors of the keep. Again, this was met with criticism and Turne was invited to leave.

When traveling through the keep, Turne volunteered to enter a large ballroom where an enormous mass of ooze engulfed her and dragged her into a side chamber. Ironically, her cries for help alerted a patrol of drow raiders that were lost, and the Strangers decided to deal with encroaching drow warriors instead of rescuing Turne, who was eventually crushed to death.

Yulundu Turne

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