Urna Wuslo

Bold, cunning, oppertunistic. Would've made a great leader if not for the avarice.


Tall for a halfling woman, and young as well. Urna always wore a scarf and hooded tunic which covered her short blonde hair. One of the only members of the Strangers to competently use both ranged and melee weapons (darts and shortswords, respectively).


After the initiation process into the Traveling Strangers was completed, Urna decided she’d lead behind the scenes. Her first attempt at subtly nudging the party toward wealth succeeded when she and Splitmaw made it clear that the abandoned keep could house more treasure than it seemed.

During the progress through the keep, Urna assessed which Strangers would make good companions in the future and which ones were liabilities. After discovering several magical items and treasure boxes, Urna discovered that Sara Mills also felt that they should leave, mostly because Mills was anxious that Grinsgate wouldn’t allow them to keep any of the discovered finds.

After the Strangers succeeded in solving the mystery of the keep, Urna took a few other members aside and convinced them to betray the rest of the group by taking everything they could carry and head to the east where nobody knew them.

Together with Sara Mills and Nilhan Sing, the three former Strangers stole away into the night with a small fortune divided between them.

Urna Wuslo

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