Thom Nackle

Handsome, smooth talker, well-groomed and fumbly.


Tall, slim, and witty. Dark curls cover most of his face and he questions everything he can. Lightly armored most of the time and versatile in every weapon commonly used.


Hailing from Hillsdale, Nackle joined the Traveling Strangers by bluffing his way in, and once he realized what he’d gotten himself into stayed out of most of the fighting. He attempted to take the majority of treasures, trying to keep most of it for himself and acting as the pack mule of the group for early retirement.

After the exploration of the ruined keep, Nackle joined the remaining adventurers in trying to solve the murders in a wealthy district of Grinsgate. The Stonetusk brothers were implicated, though escaped judgement since no proof was found.

Nackle eventually met Lillian and decided to marry her, irking her father while also retiring from adventuring.

Thom Nackle

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