Lillian Vare

Tall, shy, modest. Also a medusa.


Standing at 6’9’’ and with a slender build, Lillian usually wears a veil to protect others from her gaze. Her outfits consist of expensive or extremely expensive silk robes or dresses and she always seems to have different kinds of jewelry on hand for some occasion.


Lillian stayed in Grinsgate after a business trip with her father. During her time as her father’s assistant, she realized that she was being groomed to take over the mining empire that her father had and wanted to stay away from it. Believing that in Grinsgate she could pick up from a fresh start, she bought an inn from a poor man and began major renovations.

She met Thom Nackle and married him soon after he proposed (1 week). At the wedding, her father sent an envoy proclaiming her loss of any family fortune or goodwill, which delighted the medusa.

She convinced Thom to stay with her, and together they’ve run their inn to become an average one instead of a poor one.

Lillian Vare

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