Ilnew Burnborr

Avoided at all costs, be it mental or otherwise.


Ilnew liked outrageous clothes and outrageous fads. He was a big fan of jokes as well, but eventually angered everybody in the Traveling Strangers due to this. He was a thin halfling, with bad hair and various bruises covering his arms and legs from objects thrown at him whenever he bombed his jokes (frequently).


Burnborr used the last of his wealth to bribe a Grinsgate official in letting him work with the government in adventuring. He was introduced to the Traveling Strangers, where he liked everyone but was hated himself due to poor comedic relief he used to lighten situations.

He was unable to stop the three Strangers Splitmaw, Sean Conners and Othar Billuk from combating the rest of the undead in the northern forest after routing them. Initially, Burnborr convinced the group to go after them, but when Urna Wuslo pointed out that the group could be anywhere in the forest and that undead are roaming in large numbers, he yielded and followed the Strangers to the keep.

During his time exploring the inside of the keep, Burnborr met with a ghost which turned out to be a mistress of the old owner. He questioned her and helped her realize her and her lovers ends had come, and in exchange for peace she gave him a magical locket. Burborr also helped defeat the drow raiding party lost in the keep, managing to knock one out and quickly interrogate him.

Burnborr tied the drow up with rope and kept a short leash on him, demanding that he open doors and anything else he decreed, and that if the drow lived through the groups exploration in the keep he would be set free. When the drow found a basement door and opened it, he was knocked down the stairway leading to the bottom by a giant spider. Burnborr, who was holding onto the rope, fell with him and the two were consumed by dozens of fist-sized spiders swarming over them.

Ilnew Burnborr

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