In 5381 Whitespire was constructed by a group of bugbears, halflings, humans and orcs that had just been conquered by Thri-kreen. The group made a permanent camp in the barrow-lands south of Oslo, and when Oslo fell, Whitespire became the refuge that many were seeking.

The city became a boomtown overnight, and a second wooden palisade was constructed to keep out the traveling undead and undesirables. For the next several years the city struggled with keeping a food supply even with the influx of citizens, helped by followers of Kul and Ellana.

The city is composed of mostly wooden houses and an eight-leveled stone tower sitting in the middle of both palisades. It’s functionality as a city comes more from necessity rather than economic or political reasons although some magic-users are attempting to make a magic circle to Grinsgate.


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