Traveling Strangers

All for one, and that one is me! -Sarah Mills

Grinsgate uses a process controlled by the government to screen adventurers to see if they apply for specific work. When the questioners complete their task and assign a reasonable group together, a handler meets the group at a safe location and discusses what is to be done.

In the Traveling Strangers case, adventurers were needed to discover one or more of the following occurrences: large amounts of undead animals and humans killing near the forest north of Grinsgate; revealing who or what is behind the raids to the west of Grinsgate on the widely-used roads; and uncovering a plot by a foreign ambassador who is allegedly going to subvert Grinsgate’s anti-slavery laws.

Of the twenty adventurers queried, twelve of them agreed to join the group. Lewt, the group’s handler, explained the job prospects and waited for a decision to be made. Eventually the group chose to investigate the forest, and when Lewt asked for a group name, Splitmaw on the spot decided to call it ‘The Traveling Strangers’.

The Strangers had a terrible start, when after their first encounter with the undead of the forest to the north of Grinsgate, three of them died in an attempt at tracking the fleeing monsters. Furthermore, when the Strangers lost another two members in the ruined keep, Sarah Mills convinced two others to leave with her, bringing the group to only four.

The group identification of the Traveling Strangers was then discarded by the four original members, especially when they returned to Lewt and explained all that had happened.

Traveling Strangers

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