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There are several interesting parts of the campaign world we are all designing. The creator of the world decided to make the initial creation and subsequent exploration of the campaign a shared experience, and has been trying to map out and design the world in accordance with players, people who used to be players, and random world rolls rolled every in-game month.

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The following are interesting locales in the world of Ethylia:
Fort Evermore
Lord Protector Ellheem’s Lesser Keep
Man’s Hold
Raven’s Keep

Note that some of the places may be gone from the world, may be currently traveled in by the players of the world, or may be left alone by the players after their missions in the world regarding the place.

There are several factions of Ethylia, some that are designated to one town or city while others are spread throughout the world. These include:
Traveling Strangers
The Nameless
The Family
The Singing Sisters

Finally, the interesting magic items that the world has to offer, or are rumored to exist, are listed here:
Acid Diamond

The history of the world is also slowly being added to, including the major events that the world has seen since the year 0 which every race can somewhat remember recording. Note that this history is confined to major world events as opposed to smaller ones.

Main Page

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