History of the World Part 2

The following is a timeline of Ethylia, with the year preceding the information.

0- Much of the world’s population is destroyed by some sort of invasive force. It consumes and splinters parts of the world before the remaining races band together and destroy it. A rough estimate of ninety percent of all species have been exterminated before the threat was dealt with.

200- Elves become nomadic after realizing few of them are left. Believing that other races brought ruin and destruction to the world, they seclude themselves in forests, jungles, mountains, caves and lesser-known parts of the wilds. They become xenophobic to an extreme degree.

201- Gnomes realize they number in the low two thousands throughout Ethylia. They band together and treat all outsiders indifferently, preferring to bolster their own race before aiding others.

204- Dwarves use the last few of their great mages to discover vast deposits of minerals and metals under the earth and delve into the ground, paying large sums of gold to many orcs to serve as bodyguards.

650- The capitol city of the Middle Lands, Man’s Hold, is destroyed by Rupen and its army. The world economy is thrown into turmoil as new caravans and trade spots sprout around the world.

652- Rupen starts to rebuild Man’s Hold, decreeing it as Rupen’s Hold and plots to war against the rest of the known world.

691- A group of adventurers known as Belligar’s Crusaders defeat Rupen and its armies. Belligar herself is slain, and the Crusaders dissolve when they realize they can seize control of the throne. Some completely disband from the Crusaders, some set sail across the Vast Sea to find other challenges not wanting to fight former members, and others vie for power in Rupen’s Hold.

704- Gerome Inge cements his position as reigning Lord of the Middle Lands, bringing in a new bout of peace and prosperity. Rupen’s Hold is permanently named Gerome’s Hold.

1540- Most dragons leave Ethylia. Many dragonborn attempt to flee as well, and when pressed for information reveal that a cataclysm will soon fall upon the land.

1640- Kiureth Willow, an elf-turned-lich, attempts to ascend into demigod status. Following a massive recruiting campaign, Kiureth leads her worshippers across the mainland of Ethylia and slays everyone who refuses to worship her.

1647- Kiureth transcends into Demigodhood, becoming Goddess of Terror. Terror worshippers are commonly found in the Middle Lands.

2370- The Gods all unite and grant their followers special abilities to use at will in order to combat Kiureth and her followers. They succeed, though this means divine magic becomes less potent than it used to be. It becomes widely-frowned upon to openly worship the Goddess of Death in Ethylia

2390- The Cult-King Inigmar brings his people together to bring in a new god. They bungle the ceremony and bring in their opposed deity which blights them and creates the worlds Thri-kreen. Soon, the Thri-kreen claim the desert and surrounding land as their territory and capture all who they catch.

2518- The continent Vasan is plundered by Thill the Brave, who brings back several diseases to Tummett.

2894- Pon and Riz defend against the First Invasion from the Planar Worlds.

3100- Silport establishes the first massive arcane university. Crass experimentation results to part of a nearby peninsula to break apart and drift away from the mainland.

3205- Theodore’s Bloody Band defends the Middle Lands against the Second Invasion from the Planar Worlds.

4100- Arcane magic is finally brought to a stable relation. Now using arcane magic won’t cause random side effects, and wild magicians are few and far between, though they still exist.

4140- Dwarves unearth a pair of slumbering Demigods, God of Pestilence and God of Air. The dwarves try to bind the pair back in their ‘nests’ but fail, and soon the Middle Lands of Ethylia are caught up in plagues, hurricanes and tornadoes. After this, dwarves are racially viewed as ‘evil’ by most other races.

4146-4990- The people in the Middle Lands attempt to live elsewhere due the massive hardships they’ve endured. Many go to the west and islands. Some are successful, others are not. This is the time known as the Long Reprieve, where families bloom and lands are kept and looked after.

5310- The secret group The Material Guard, started by Cerenbor the Powerful in 2700, is discovered. Some members are slain, and the group goes dark and disbands. Many splinter groups form from this invasion though none are as wide-scoped in thought as the original.

5380- Kalidor and Co. enters the world.

History of the World Part 2

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