Fort Evermore


Evermore is in the westernmost part of the Middle Lands of Ethylia.

Originally constructed before the nameless disaster which ‘reset’ the world’s known history, Evermore has guarded the Middle Lands against known threats and provided a safe haven for adventurers and explorers who dare to travel into the wild.

It is constructed of magical black stone and the banner of Evermore is a black square with a black circle in the middle on a white field. Their motto is ‘Standing past the end of all things’.

The west of Evermore is the Long Plains, a grasslands which has many creatures that explode from underneath the world and consume whatever they find roving it. The south of Evermore holds swampland filled with solitary peoples, most of which shun outsiders or are openly hostile to them. To the north is more grasslands and a small farming community which mostly supports the fort with whatever food and supplies it needs.


The fortress was imperative to the people of the Middle Lands in the First Invasion of the Planar Worlds in 2894, since the two adventurers Pon and Riz discovered that a massive army was about to launch themselves into the material world and war against all living things. The two adventurers, along with their party, diverted many of the teleportation portals to Evermore and held the fort while sending messages across Ethylia to other cities, begging them to send aid while they occupied the enemy forces.

Though the fort held, and harried scouts and enemy companies exploring eastward, the planar forces eventually retreated from the fort and counted the siege as a loss. In 2899 the planar armies were defeated, routed, and sent back home. Evermore gained magical artifacts and equipment as well as arcane insight into the creation and sustaining magical elements. Since then, the fort has been a hotspot for magic-users to congregate and research their studies.

Fort Evermore

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