Man Found Dead and Without Trousers in Local Tavern "The Thumbscrew"
City watch says missing eyes, ears, and tongue may suggest foul play
Elkheart Freed from Curse
Battle leaves tallest tower of the old keep in shambles

Professionals sent to Elkheart by the Lord of the land fought with an abyssal spirit in the old keep yesterday evening. Local hunter “Jack”, a Grinsgatian bard of some small fame, and a warrior monk of unknown origin were able to defeat the demon and destroy the object binding it to our realm.

It is believed that the recent string of murders was influenced, or possibly caused by, the demon lurking in our tower.

Adventurers Slay Predator of Jäger Estate
Constables fail to find corpse or cause of infestation

Three mercenaries were hired to clear out the estate of Sir Baron Jäger to the West of Grinsgate.

As far as anyone can tell, they were successful. Over 50 bodies were discovered on the grounds of Jäger’s manse, with another hundred desiccated bodies discovered in the overgrown fields of barley and hops.


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