First Entry

It is becoming incredibly hard to understand what’s happening around me anymore.

Ever since Rinn and that gold fuck left together I’ve been hearing things. Sometimes they’re whispers, sometimes they’re voices calling my name when nobody is around. I don’t know if I’ve attracted anything supernatural, like that invisible bitch, but I’m hoping with these writings I’ll be able to wipe away some of the dirt clogging my vision. I think they’re trying to tell me something, something important, but I don’t know what. I don’t speak the language.

I keep seeing the bodies of the people down in the streets. When we pushed through, killing and hustling to make it to the castle walls, I saw the dead and they saw me. I very clearly remember the families trying to make it into their homes and the soldiers firing the wooden launchers, all of them eyeless, earless and mouthless. Every once in a while I’ll see one of them standing in a crowd of people, people milling about, and that one person will be looking at me, sometimes with anger, other times with hate, then with sadness or laughing at me. Every time I get an overwhelming sense of dread and some deep knot in my stomach forms. Sketch is below.


Stomach knots aren’t very pleasant, I wonder if he ever had them constantly.

The worst part is dreaming. I can’t control it at all now, it’s just a jumble of things that I don’t even know happened, like when Cane threw money at me again and again and laughed his ass off while I scurried out of the room and I woke up shivering and screaming. Every time I dream my scars ache, I feel the wounds expanding a tiny bit then recede. The pain is unbearable.

I think of asking Rinn to help me track down Kraven’s other boys. I could use the help. But, really, I think I’d like to find one and get him someplace where we could chat. Someplace in the slums, someplace close to home. Someplace where screams in the middle of the night aren’t uncommon, where the screams that are coming from your own lips are what you really have to watch out for. And I’d ask them so many questions, all about their operation and who is involved in it. And then I’d probably get very curious. Mustn’t let her see it though she didn’t like the other talk with the halfling.

Getting off track. Last thing I remember is passing out from the exhaustion, Rinn had just cut the head off the King, and paraded it around the terrace outside. Then it’s all a haze, something about Valen, something about halflings, something about Rinn and a dragon, and a long time on water until Grinsgate. Was the dragon real? The water must’ve been I remembered we took a boat to get there. Need to figure out how long we were gone for. Must ask someone.

Three found dead in Wizard's Brew
Asshole owner suspected murderer

Two magic users and a halfling mercenary were found murdered in the Wizard’s Brew this morning. The Whitespire constabulary have failed to find any kind of motive or reason for the killing, though some believe it to have been the result of being hella fucking dumb and a really bad friend.

Man Found Dead and Without Trousers in Local Tavern "The Thumbscrew"
City watch says missing eyes, ears, and tongue may suggest foul play
Elkheart Freed from Curse
Battle leaves tallest tower of the old keep in shambles

Professionals sent to Elkheart by the Lord of the land fought with an abyssal spirit in the old keep yesterday evening. Local hunter “Jack”, a Grinsgatian bard of some small fame, and a warrior monk of unknown origin were able to defeat the demon and destroy the object binding it to our realm.

It is believed that the recent string of murders was influenced, or possibly caused by, the demon lurking in our tower.

Adventurers Slay Predator of Jäger Estate
Constables fail to find corpse or cause of infestation

Three mercenaries were hired to clear out the estate of Sir Baron Jäger to the West of Grinsgate.

As far as anyone can tell, they were successful. Over 50 bodies were discovered on the grounds of Jäger’s manse, with another hundred desiccated bodies discovered in the overgrown fields of barley and hops.


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