Male Dragonborn Paladin, follower of Tyr


Splitmaw was a member of the Traveling Strangers, a group of adventurers gathered from Grinsgate. He offered no information about his past or previous experiences when introduced to the rest of the Strangers by their handler in Grinsgate, instead saying that he worshiped Tyr and tolerated no failures. Splitmaw carried a heavy two-handed greatsword and wore half-plate armor, showing off his red dragon scales whenever he could.

When the group was tasked by the government to aid the surrounding areas from unknown forces, Splitmaw was instrumental in getting the Strangers to go to the Ruined Keep in the forest north of Grinsgate.

En route to the forest, Splitmaw pushed ahead of the group and discovered burial mounds, recently broken out of. Alerting the rest of the party, the Strangers found an old cottage with the reclusive Janet Capcomb and the bird-person Hairy. After questioning Hairy and realizing the scope of the undead problem in the forest, the cottage was under siege by various undead forest creatures.

Splitmaw, along with Othar Billuk and Sean Conners, tracked the remaining forest abominations after defeating them at Janet’s cottage. They encountered a small assortment of undead giant frogs, small twig blights and a few vine blights which overcame them and consumed their corpses.


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