Sean Conners

Tall, lanky, veiny and angry man.


Conners is six feet tall, with fire-red hair and a beard to match. He only ever wore his tunic into battle, and constantly boasted of his time in Grinsgate performing feats of strength and enduring the hardness of the world despite his shortcomings as an adventurer. He used a large hammer, a shortsword, a shield, and an axe.


Sean Conners was picked as a member of the Traveling Strangers due to a severe lack of noteworthy talent. When he joined he immediately aggravated everyone except for Ilnew, who took an extreme liking to him.

He had no opinion as to what the group should pursue, as long as he would be able to prove his battle strength and amazing murdering skills.

When the Strangers finished interrogating Hairy, Conners noticed that several odd shapes were lurking just beyond the windows of the cottage. The glass shattered when the undead started to invade, and Conners proved to be an inept fighter but a valuable meatshield.

After routing the undead, Conners helped Splitmaw and Othar Billuk find the fleeing monsters. They were defeated and consumed by various undead creatures deep in unknown parts of the forest.

Sean Conners

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