Sara Mills

Fiercly proud, and hungry. Always hungry.


Medium-build with a taut frame. The dragon-blood is apparent in Sara’s appearance due to her split tongue, dulled blue skin tone, scaled cheeks and lizard-head. She wears several layers of boiled leather and various tattoos cover her arms and legs. She uses swords, axes, halberds, whatever is available, but has a strong tendency to forgo ranged combat in favor of getting up close to the enemy.


Sara Mills was allowed in the Traveling Strangers because when questioned about relative experience in this nature of problem solving, she assaulted and ate part of her examiner.

The only past information she ever shared with other members of the Strangers was that she used to enjoy moments of hunting and fighting with her cousins and second-cousins once removed until they were old enough to leave the family living pits and left her by herself. Eager for company and coin, Mills heard about a select group of people needed to discover various happenings in the area around Grinsgate.

When the Strangers were assaulted by the undead in Janice’s cottage Mills proved useful by blocking one of three entrances and killing any invading plant monsters by biting and ripping them apart. She wanted to go with Splitmaw, Sean Conners and Othar Billuk but was talked out of it by the rest of the Strangers. When the three others didn’t report back for 24 hours, as was agreed upon, the remaining Strangers traveled to the Ruined Keep.

Once at the Keep, Mills aided Urna Wuslo in sneaking through a second-story window and obtaining information from two elven women, whom they promptly killed and looted. Mills found several arrows and bolts with shiny glyphs carved onto them and used a rope to ask Nilhan Sing to examine them, telling the rest of the Strangers that she thinks she might’ve found a trap and they should remain in cover of the forest.

The three Strangers explored more of the upper level of the keep, and when they met with a party of elf and human bandits, retreated to their original entry point and shouted for aid to the rest of the Strangers.

Mills discovered an ornate flaming sword behind a glass cabinet in an armory. When she started to loot the cabinet, several oozes dropped from the ceiling and nearly killed her.

Mills became convinced that Grinsgate wouldn’t let them keep any of the treasure found in this excursion, and believed further that the Traveling Strangers were going to destroy themselves due to too many vies for leadership. After the Strangers completed their task and destroyed the Ever-Growing Cauldron, Mills talked to Wuslo and Sing. She hoped to steal as much as the three of them could from the rest of the sleeping Strangers and head to the east where nobody would recognize them. All three agreed, and when Sing’s watch came for the night they stole several gems and bags of gold before leaving for better prospects.

Sara Mills

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