Evil and tall, a four-armed winged gargoyle of carnage.


Rupen’s ‘skin’ is a mixture of blood, ashes, marble and arcane magics. It shines dark red in the light of both sun and moon. Rupen has a long face that is typically ugly. It speaks usually in Abyssal to frighten its foes.


Rupen never told anyone who or what created it. When it first appeared in 614 leading small raids against fishing villages, survivors told tales of a bloodthirsty gargoyle leading the pirates. Initially thought as a rumor or myth, Rupen became widely known after leading an army to one of the gates to the Nine Hells and back again. It returned with a dark gem that it placed under its chin.

After its hell raid, the gargoyle recruited many to its banner and struck out against Man’s Hold to destroy and claim it for itself. When it did so, it declared itself the perfect conqueror, demanding that all in Wisconia pay it tribute since it was the Emperor.

It rebuilt Man’s Hold, renaming it after itself, and began to orchestrate training grounds for new troops and various training methods that improved its armies in combat, such as survival training and live-fighting exercises.

In 1290, holy warriors defeated Rupen above the palace of Rupen’s Hold. Rupen shattered into dust-sized pieces of marble when the most powerful of the Crusaders defeated it.


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