Othar Billuk

Strong, simple, and to the point.


Othar is a large orc, at 6’6’’ and nearly 300 pounds. He was bald, and had several weapons on his person, including throwing axes, a longsword, two spears and a greataxe. Wore heavy armor, a mish-mash of leather, chain, and half-plate.


The Traveling Strangers accepted Othar into the group mostly because they realized how useful someone with little situational awareness would come in handy. The orc constantly disregarded his surroundings, fixated usually on one thing. The theory was that the leader of the Strangers would be able to use Othar as a sort of dog, issuing simple commands to best utilize him in combat.

Unfortunately, Billuk cared only for smashing things. During their investigation into the northern forest, the Strangers encountered scores of nature blights and undead beasts. After routing them, Billuk joined Splitmaw and Sean Conners in destroying them for good, telling the others that they should wait a full day for their return. Upon finding the remaining undead, the three companions were near-instantly slaughtered.

Othar Billuk

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