Nilhan Sing

A thin teen, eager to please and ready for anything


Nilhan often wore brightly-colored robes which were decorated. He only ever carried a quarterstaff which he used as a walking stick and constantly used magic to do mundane things. He had long black hair and was usually jovial towards everything.


Sing was one of the only magic-users that was applied for government work at Grinsgate and was therefore put on a fast track towards working with whatever group came together first, which proved to be the Traveling Strangers.

Sing’s demeanor changed drastically following the Strangers’ fight against the undead creatures of the northern forest. No longer joking constantly, he became withdrawn and concerned, especially when the three Strangers Splitmaw, Sean Conners and Othar Billuk never returned from their self-appointed march against the undead.

When the group found the keep and Sara Mills sneaked into the top floor of the keep through a window and eventually called for Sing and Urna Wuslo. The three Strangers found several magical items in a well-kept room nearby their entrance, and eventually found what used to be guest chambers and a large living room. When they accidentally alerted a group of human and elves in the living room, the three alerted the other Strangers and started to forcefully patrol the keep.

Sing liked treasure hunting, more so because he figured that the wealth it represented could ensure that he would never have to go through an excursions such as this again. When Sara Mills discussed the possibility that Grinsgate wouldn’t allow the Strangers to keep any of their findings, however, he decided to abandon the group to try his luck elsewhere in the world.

Nilhan Sing

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