Mr. Wearer

Enigmatic, foreward, take-charge sort of person. Or thing.


Wearer has chosen several bodies to present itself, himself, or herself to the people that seek employment. So far, Wearer has appeared as an ugly halfling woman, a tall and lanky human male, and a purple-skinned orc with a mohawk.


Mr. Wearer holds court near the Bar With No Name. Wearer has several people working for him/her/it, and has command over many of the dockworkers and merchant ships coming into port in Grinsgate.

When asked by an adventurer if Wearer wants a political foothold in the city, Wearer scoffed and responded that politics only leads to public images and more haggling than any single person could find reasonable.

Wearer helped bring down The Family and split the territory and assorted claims of the The Family with the Singing Sisters.

Mr. Wearer

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