Kalidor of Wisconia


In 5383, after adventuring in the southern desert, Kalidor opened the Wizard’s Brew which is a bar in Whitespire. He briefly had a one-night-stand with Thea before she was killed by two of her previous adventuring companions in retribution for assaulting people at the unknown fort.

Kalidor helped hide the body and urged Nathan Greycastle to let him buy another bar on the other side of town to bolster their clientele (in actuality he wanted to get away from Nathan, fearing for his own life since the cleric killed seemingly at his own leisure). With his confirmation, Kalidor started a new bar on the west side which proved to be more popular than the Wizard’s Brew.

When Nathan slew his other adventuring companions, the city watch queried Kalidor, who gave all the information he could related to Nathan and his happenings in the city. Kalidor later petitioned to the government to grant him full ownership of the two bars that he was only half in control of, and when it was granted he sold all the magical items his old adventuring companions had and bought land near one of the main gates to Whitespire, constructing a small warehouse which various guilds rent out.

Kalidor of Wisconia

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